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Visas for Members of the Foreign Media, Press, and Radio

Generally, a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enterLibya must first obtain a visa for visas are for representatives of the foreign media, including members of the press, radio, film, and print industries, traveling temporarily to Libya to work in their profession engaged in informational or educational media activities, essential to the foreign media function. Activities in Libya while on a media (I) visa must be for a media organization having its home office in a foreign country. Activities in Libya must be informational in nature and generally associated with the news gathering process and reporting on current events.

Travel purposes which require an (FMD) Visa for Representatives of Foreign Press, Radio, Film, or Other Information Media – Examples:

  • An employee of foreign information media or employee of an independent production company having a credential issued by another country’s professional journalistic association engaged in filming a news event or documentary.
  • A member of the foreign media engaged in the production or distribution of film, if the material being filmed will be used to disseminate information, news, or is educational in nature. The primary source and distribution of funding must be outside Libya.
  • A journalist working under contract with a credential issued by another country’s professional journalistic association, if working on a product to disseminate information or news that is not primarily intended for commercial entertainment or advertising.
  • A foreign journalist travelling to Libya to report on Libyan events solely for a foreign audience, if the journalist works for an overseas media outlet having its home office in a foreign country.

Travel Purposes for which a Visitor Visa Can Be Used Instead of a Media Visa – Examples:

  • Attend a conference, seminar, convention, or meeting as a participant, as long as you will not report about the conference or meeting while in Libya or upon return to your home country.
  • Some travel purposes require a temporary worker visa, not a media (FMD) visa